10 Years Since Sarkodie Broke Out On Edem’s “You Dey Craze” Banger


The Ayigbe Edem music video You Dey Craze [Bougez] debuted the emperor of the Volta regime, but a little-known rapper then at the tail end of the joint also earned his big break and found the magic carpet after the video leaked in November 2008.

Much of Ghana, and indeed Africa, heard the song after it finally broke mainstream early in 2009 and most of the talk was centred on that tongue-twisting twi-spitting little-known rapper.

That little-known rapper will soon become the rap legend known across the continent today as Sarkodie…or King Sark…

The rapper’s style and accent seems a bit rudimentary then on that Edem video but even still he was killing it, putting both the song’s owner and, at the time hottest rapper in the country, Kwaw Kesse- in his shadow with his flow, delivery and charisma- three of the consistent elements in every Sarkodie rap that has lifted him to his present status as one of the most iconic names in African Hip Hop.

The rapper’s style is not the only thing to have seen a metamorphosis, his frame too! Sarkodie looked super skinny, pretty introverted and let’s admit less handsome than he does these days with a conspicuous flaw in his neck-to-head proportion ratio.

But it’s the talent, not the looks, as it proved with this superstar. Incidentally, the music producer Jay So who would later become the star’s executive producer and cook half of the star’s debut album discovered him on the recording of this very song.

Sark has since gone on to spearhead the Azonto craze, becoming Ghana’s Artiste of the Year twice, a BET award winner, appearing on Tim Westwood’s famous show and performing on some of the biggest stages across the continent.

It’s amazing what one music video can do…


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