25 Musicians Blacklisted In Cameroon After Elections


There is a thin line between politics and entertainment. Those who thread it right essentially become heroes like Miriam Makeba who made a difference with her anti-apartheid music in South Africa, Nigeria’s Fela Kuti who used music to counter oppressive regimes, and lately the very loved Bobi Wine, an avid critic of the Ugandan government who has risen to become a powerful politician and Member of Parliament.

But several Cameroun music acts have found the opposite to be true too. What they did wrong? They all but confirmed their support for the most infamous candidate of the October 7 elections, then the incumbent president, by performing at the ruling party’s rally.

And now Cameroun’s entertainment industry has taken action for an action that was widely condemned and received blistering backlash from the Cameroonian people.

Even the Cameroon diaspora, from where most of these artistes earn huge financial support have decided to boycott events where these music stars are billed to perform. Several Cameroonians abroad, especially in Europe, have instituted the ‘Brigade Anti-Sardinards’ to subvert all diaspora events where all artistes who performed at the rally have been billed.

Several artistes have already felt the heat of the initiative, expressing frustration at having to deal with cancelled events at the last minute.

The blacklisted acts, mostly of the bikutsi indigenous music genre, include all of the following

Annie Anzouer

Grace Decca

Kaiser Show

Dynastie Le Tigre,


Jean pierre Essome

Nicole Mara

Prince Afo Akom

Ghislain Dimai

Majoie Ayi

Moustik Karismatik

Claude Ndam


Mani Bella





Dj Cyrius Black

Ateh Bazor

Jackson Patengue

Saint Bruno


Les Featurists

Kareyce Fotso

and Congolese singer Fabregas

Some photos circulated on social media platforms and seen by www.channelforafrica.comappear to show ring leaders of the “Brigade Anti-Sardine” giving the programme of boycotts and making the public know how to proceed with it.

Several event organizers have been forced to cancel events where these stars are performing or exclude them from the bill at the last hour following public pressure and fear of boycott.


Report: Emmanuel Asafor (CAM)


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