About Us

Operated by CFA Media Meshwork, the online portal, channelforafrica.com, is a dedicated hub for Arts, Entertainment and Show Business both originating from Africa and of African origin.

Channelforafrica.com has a network of credible bloggers and journalists littered across various regions within Africa and beyond, tasked with divulging accurate, updated and objective news-worthy information.

Our channel features all the Stories, News, Interviews, Facts, Statistics and Gossips across the continent’s elite arts and entertainment industries and yonder. We have them all covered- from the Artists to the Acts, the Events to the Venues, the Labels to the Entrepreneurs, the Actions to the Reactions, the Moments to the Movements, the Politics and the Business, the Media to the Fans, the Somethings, Everythings and Anythings. We are where all the stakeholders come to.

Our passion is driven by a responsibility to black Arts and Entertainment and the emergent need to provide a centralized access to, and trusted source for, inclusive and integrated entertainment on the continent, by the continent, and for the continent at the click of a button.

Channelforafrica.com is the continent’s premier entertainment channel. You are who we work for. You see it here first, and you hear it here best.