Cabo Snoop


Government Name: Ivo Manuel Lemos

Date of Birth: November 1, 1990

Nationality: Angolan

Cabo Snoop is an Angolan Singer and Dancer born on November 1, 1990 in Luanda Angola. He started out in entertainment as a dancer with a dance group The Crazy Boyz. He eventually started working as a technical assistant at The Power House a Record Label in Angola. It was at The Power House he was given the name Cabo Snoop because he used to carry cables and is as skinny and tall as Snoop Dog.

He was part of the production company only as a scene helper to shoot videos and carrying cables. In 2009, his breakthrough however came from the late arrival of a job done outside the production company without having to go home as he sat with producer; IVM to create a song with the purpose of passing time, only for the studio fun-time to come out as a successful hit song they titled WINDECK. As a sketch recording, the file was saved in the producer’s system files for months only until the year 2010 when the song hit the streets. With an invitation to perform, CABO SNOOP presented the song along with an electrifying performance that convinced everyone connect with the song.

He then released his first album Bluetooth in 2010 and he was nominated for MOST WANTED in the year 2010 by the national radio of ANGOLA. In that same year, he was awarded Best Lusophone artist at the MTV Africa Music Awards (becoming the first Angolan with a prize of such prestige)

In 2012, he received several nominations including the CHANNEL O Music AWARDS in South Africa, EUROPA MUSIC AWARDS, MOBO AWARDS, nominations in Congo, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana and England.

He went on to perform with with Fat Joe and Shaggy on the remix of WINDECK and also recorded songs with TUFACE, yuri da Cunha, and many others.

In 2015 he signed a contract with international record company; UNIVERSAL MUSIC RECORD


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