Controversial Lesbian Movie Director From Kenya Hot In America


Wanuri Kahiu, director of the lesbian film Rafiki is set for a stint in Hollywood after winning an international search competition by top Hollywood agencies, Universal and Working Title, to direct a new movie.

Wanuri Kahiu shot to genuine international prominence this year when her gay-oriented movie Rafiki became the first Kenyan film to be selected for screening at the Cannes Film Festival despite being banned in the Eastern African nation for obvious reasons.

Rafiki has a strong LGBTQ narrative, based on the love life of two ladies riddled with choosing between love and safety in a country where homosexuality is still considered a crime.

The 82-minute film based on Ugandan writer Monica Arak de Nyeko’s short story Jabulani Tree was banned by the Kenyan High Court earlier this year. Film makers appealed for a temporary lifting of the ban in order to premiere at cinemas for a week in line with technical requirements for the Oscar Academy Awards nominations but although the appeal was successful, it still proved too little too late.

Now the audacious 38-year old multiple award-winning director has earned another shot at the big time, linking up with Working Title and Universal as director on the set of rookie screenwriter Flora Greeson’s debut Hollywood script.

According to Nairobi News, the title of the movie Wanuri is set to direct is Covers and is a Romance Drama based on the Los Angeles Music World.


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