Court Orders Death Sentence A Week To Christmas For Two Men Who Killed Priest


Four men, including two soldiers, who brutally shot to kill a 62-year old priest while he was preaching have been handed sentences by a High Court in Gok State, South Sudan.

Two of the men who murdered Father Victor Luke Odhiambo at the Mozzolari church during an attack against the Jesuit community in the state capital Cueibet received death sentences while another two received a combined 20-year jail term for aiding the killers.

The 2008 South Sudan Penal code provides for the use of the death penalty for crimes such as treason, terrorism, insurgency, aggravated drug trafficking and murder.

And Justice Yai Anyuon Akot, judge and president of the State High Court, deemed two of the four suspects apprehended by police- Chol Wieu Mabok and Tito Machiek Chol- guilty of first-degree murder and the consequential death sentence.

Father Odhiambo belonged to the Society of Jesus, a scholarly religious sect of the Catholic Church also called Jesuits. He was a Kenyan whose missionary work kept him in the war-torn African country for 10 where he worked for the promotion of quality education before dying as the organization’s first martyr in November 2018.


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