Egyptian Actress Facing Jail For Wearing Revealing Dress


Egyptian actress, Rania Youssef, who sparked outrage in Egypt for public obscenity is likely to be arraigned before court next month after a group of lawyers filed a writ at the Chief Prosecutor’s department.

The 45-year old screen star infuriated the mostly conservative Islamic public after appearing at the Cairo Film Festival wearing a lacy black, see-through embroidered gauze dress that exposed too much flesh. The daring costume admittedly covered all of her vital statistics but left the best part of her legs deliciously exposed.

The stunning actress took to twitter to apologize after the event for offending the ‘feelings of every Egyptian family’ and for ‘appearing in a way that would provoke feelings of irritation or anger’ but claimed that such a reaction was far from her intentions.

Although Rania also explained that her choice of clothes to the event was helped by the opinions of fashion designers and specialists who reasoned that it was appropriate for an international festival, majority of Egypt’s estimated 100 million population have rejected the assertion and pushed for her to be reprimanded for inciting debauchery.

She will likely appear before court on January 12, 2019 after attorneys, Amro Abdelsalam and Samir Sabri- who have built a reputation for suing celebrities, filed a complaint against the mother-of-two on her 45th birthday. If found guilty, Ms. Youssef could be convicted for up to 5 years.

Last year, another lady celebrity, singer Shaimaa Ahmed got a two-year jail sentence, later reduced to one, after appearing in a music video wearing only lingerie and suggestively eating a banana….


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