Former Big Brother Africa Star Tipped To Win Malawi Election Race


A former housemate in popular TV Reality series Big Brother Africa, Fatima Nkata is contesting a top executive position within one of Malawi’s emergent   political parties- the United Transformation Movement [UTM].

The United Transformation Partner is electing executives at the poll after finally being registered as a political party in November 2018 after a long tussle. And the former reality TV star submitted her candidature late last week before making the announcement while hosting UTM’s Kuwala Night fundraising event on Saturday.

The 35-year old media personality who lives in the USA these days highlighted her mission as exploiting UTM’s trust in members of the Malawian diaspora both to represent their interests and to complement government’s efforts to exploit their capacities for Malawi’s socio-economic growth.

The United Transformation Movement has earned massive support from women and youth with its friendly policies and initiatives towards the demographic. The party has more women contesting political positions than any other Malawian party and is committed to promoting the participation of women and the youth in frontline politics.

Fatima Nkata’s candidature for an elective position is also of significant interest in the country and for the party. This is not only for her celebrity standing in society, but perhaps more importantly for being an iconic embodiment of both groups the UTM intends to promote.

She will be hoping for victory this time after being evicted rather too early for her expectations during the 8th season of Big Brother Africa in 2013, also known as The Chase.


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