Kenya Singer Otile Brown Left Humiliated By Ex Girlfriend


Be careful who you take to bed. If anyone ever spoke those words to dynamic Kenyan singer, Otile Brown, then here’s the season when it rings in his ears like forever.

The star dated curvy socialite Vera Sidika for nearly half a year before a very public breakup this month.  Both took to social media to taunt and scorn the other over various issues, including sex.

But that’s when the ex-boo found out that the stunning socialite had a tongue to match her curves, revealing all the singer’s bedroom flaws and some.

Vera- perhaps angry at a Brown revelation earlier that she was a nymph- blasted her ex for his lousy bedroom game, short game length and lack of bedroom presence. Several social media users thereafter turned up with jokes, gifs and messages ridiculing the star who understandably remained quiet.

So guess what he did next?

Yep. That. He turned off all his contact lines and disabled the comments section to all his social media- just like a lame nerd would after a prom where he had pooped his pants.

Moral of the lesson. Don’t fight a socialite on social media, don’t let a socialite discover your lousy bed game, and don’t poop your pants.


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