Kenyan TV Mock Burna Boy And Forces Him Out Of Their Studio (After Calling Kenyans Peasants)

Burna Boy throws his hands in the air (in frustration…lol)

‘I know G. But I am bored AF out here + I couldn’t find a flight out this morning#dead. So these ‘peasants’ r my entertainment till I dip! Lol’

The above was Burna Boy’s infamous tweet which sparked national outrage in Kenya during his 2017 tour of the Eastern African nation.

They say time heals wounds but one year down the line, The Nigerian dancehall act returned to the country on a tour repeat and found that all was still not forgiven and forgotten.

Popular celebrity TV show 10over10, on Citizen TV, decided to afford the controversial artiste some extra time to help Kenya forgive and forget but Burna Boy turned down the request and cowardly bailed out from the studio.

Willis Raburu and Joey Muthengi, hosts of 10over10, explained to the frantic studio crowd that the show had reached out to Burna Boy for him to use their platform to clarify issues and  if necessary render an apology but he flat out refused and walked out.

The live studio audience may have perhaps deciphered Burna Boy’s actions to mean humiliation as they cheered at the announcement. Several media houses also canceled his scheduled interview thereafter.

It is not the first time Burna Boy, real name Damini Ogulu, has been in the news for reckless comments.  In October last year, he received widespread backlash from Nigeria’s Christian community after he declared his hatred for Christian clerics and pastors.

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