King Monada’s Viral ‘Idibala’ Craze Takes Over Asia


South Africa’s Pop Act, King Monada’s latest viral dance ‘Idibala’ scooped from the singer’s Malwedhe Idibala song is still sweeping the globe, after several videos emerged of Asians joining the craze.

The Idibala viral video challenge which requires listeners of the song to crash to the floor in a theatrical, rhythmic collapse first began in South Africa, proceeding through neighboring Southern African nations, before reaching Tanzania, Kenya and Nigeria.

The Idibala challenge, also called the ‘fainting dance’ challenge follows the lyrics of King Monada’s song which virtually suggests that the singer has an allergy for broken heart which awakens a strange fainting syndrome in him anytime his heart-breaker cheats, switches off her phone, gives her phone to another guy, etc.

So far several distinct groups of people have taken to the craze including the police force, military personnel, teachers and school children.

The Idibala fainting dance challenge continues Africa’s obsession for viral videos that have swept the globe over the past couple of years such as the One Corner dance, Shaku Shaku, Akwaaba, Guara Guara and Azonto craze.







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