MONEY LAUNDERING SCANDAL: Singer Sandra Ndebele Set To Be Invited By Zimbabwe Police


The fraud scandal involving Zimbabwean singer, Sandra Ndebele, is set to go from bad to worse after national police got wind of a money laundering twist to the controversy.

According to the merits of the case, a woman identified as Lindiwe Moyo filed a report with Zimbabwean police after Ms. Ndebele threatened her when she lost a suitcase full of money worth nearly $90,000 belonging to the singer.

Lindiwe allegedly worked as an ‘errand girl’ for the controversial diva but resorted to involving the police after fearing for her life when issued with an ultimatum to refund the money.

Ms. Moyo also claimed that Ms. Ndebele was an illegal forex dealer who ran the illegitimate operations of a top Government official.

But Sandra Ndebele has since come out to deny the allegation. She claimed that the foreign exchange was to aid her business dealings in Asia then urged the police to focus their operations on investigating the whereabouts of the money instead of her private business.

“I was looking for foreign currency for my travels to Dubai and China where I get some of my stuff. There should be investigations on the disappearance of my money and not where I got my hard-earned money from,”she said.

Meanwhile, Ms. Ndebele is yet to file a lawsuit on fraud or defamation against Lindiwe Moyo but is braced for a police invitation


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