Organizers Sweat Over Botswana Music Awards


BOTSWANA- Organizers of the Botswana Music Awards, the Botswana Musicians Union [BOMU], have announced the indefinite postponement of the annual event barely three weeks to time.

The event was initially scheduled for October 27, 2018 but an alleged political wrangling within the Union halted all such plans.  According to inside reports, musicians and stakeholders unanimously concurred that calling off this year’s event was in the best interest of the Batswana music industry.

It is perhaps the first time that the entire Body has agreed on any matter since the outcome of the 2017 national committee was disputed in court. For a long time there has been internal fighting and hints of division within the Union but the annulment of the Union’s election and the assumption of leadership by an Interim committee- ironically to restore calm- rather led to the escalation of the matter.

And now the situation has spilled over to the BOMU Awards.

A group of affiliated artistes, thought to be acting on the behalf of The Union released a dire press statement to announce the cancellation of Uganda’s biggest music honors event and explaining the reasons for the action.

“The 10th national music awards scheduled for 27 October have been postponed indefinitely. The membership has resolved that this year’s music awards must be postponed as BOMU is in a mess. Artists convened around the country and took a decision that the awards must be indefinitely postponed until the mess is cleaned so that peace can prevail,” the press release stated.

But the Interim Committee, set up on the authority of Botswana’s Supreme Court, has refuted the statement. Taolo Moshaga, Interim Committee chair of the BOMU has come out to challenge the substance of the Press release, claiming that the awards will go on as initially projected. He explained that only the Interim Committee, and no other sub-committee of the Union, had the right to organize or annul an event.

But majority of the Batswana and music industry faithfuls are persuaded that he is fighting a lost cause. Worse still, it is unlikely this year’s event will come off at all.


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