#PHOTO: Sister Derby Shed Tears By Medikal’s Hospital Bed Exactly A Year Today!


They embraced. They kissed. They frolicked. They made songs. And a short film on sticking forever… but it obviously wasn’t good enough.

This weekend’s Saturday, November 24, marks exactly a year when images circulated of Sister Derbie shedding tears by the bedside of then boyfriend, Medikal, while he lay fighting for his life in a hospital bed.

The images were extracted from a mini-movie of the stunning star expressing her eternal love for her much younger soulmate in song and motion picture. It was beautiful. It was emotional. It was fairytale-ish but also extremely naïve, albeit with the benefit of hindsight.

Just read for yourself the beautiful teenage love-reminiscent lyrics to the song that the pretty petite made sure to leave beneath the ‘Never Leave You’ flick.

You would know she believed- and meant- every word of it, despite Medikal warning her with his own subtle message in his next music video a month later that it was ‘Too Risky’! Poor Derbie even featured on the joint too.

And now just like the ‘Never Leave You’ video, someone’s heart has been shot, someone is shedding tears and someone lays ailing. Sadly, only Sister Derbie got to be all three someones while Medikal moved on to the next, Makafui Fela.

Someone should not have underrated Medikal’s street smart. He has already confessed to making over $5million as an errand boy without the slightest police suspicion. Such a man would know how to identify a target, getting the job done, signing out and heading for the next big one.

And if the errand boy hasn’t had you served yet, just wait for yours… We are looking at you Fela Makafui…




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