Rita Dominic Now Member Of Over 1000 Groups Since Phone Number Got Leaked


“I am a member of over 1000 groups now. Good morning everyone” read a tweet from Nollywood royalty Rita Dominic’s official Twitter handle@ritaUdominic yesterday.

The post has been retweeted and liked almost 1000 times since, as pleasant messages and related jokes keep pouring in solidarity to the star whose phone number ostensibly got leaked.

The star has shown a rather jovial face since the situation, taking stick from the less sympathetic, making jokes with socialites and humorously consoling them that seem to bizarrely have been more affected than she has.

She also seemed to have a response for the twitteratti on all comments. She told one user “And you didn’t call me? Call me please” when user @mrhavocgod revealed that he also had her number.

To another who said she couldn’t reach her with a teary emoji, she said “Please stop crying, it’s turn by turn” before telling another that people go through worse than losing a phone number after the user had expressed admiration at how she was actually dealing with the whole situation.

Ms. Dominic even disclosed that her telephone line had been jammed up, making it difficult to difficult to talk to anybody because everyone was actually calling at the same time.

Meanwhile the 43-year old has also revealed that Light in the Dark, a movie she starred in will be released for cinema on January 25 next year.


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