SHOCKING!!! Football Stars; Gyan, Adebayor Relationships Spark Bizarre Revelation


Asamoah Gyan wears Number 3 for his country. Adebayor wears 4. But I guess when it comes to their relationships, the number of years to wait is 5.

Asamoah Gyan and Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayor are footballers from Ghana and Togo respectively, West African neighbors, but that is not where the similarities end.

Both stars led their countries to a maiden World Cup berth, secured impressive transfers to the English Premier League then controversially left the clubs they joined in pursuit of BIG MONEY. But wait. That’s not all.

They are both record top scorers for their respective nations, play upfront with jersey numbers meant for defenders and although they will probably go down as two of the best African strikers of the past decade, no two players have ever divided opinion amongst international football fans quite like these two.

Lovers of social media – Check ✔️
Mutual friends of Ghanaian comedian, Funny Face. Check ✔️
Life of the Party. Check ✔️
Raised in Ghana. Check ✔️
Fanatics of the cultural music chant rhythm known locally as Jama. Check ✔️
And hiders of the women they love. Triple freaking check! ✔️✔️✔️

Late last week, Africa woke to news that the Captain of the Black Stars had filed for divorce at Ghana’s Supreme Court from his wife, Gifty, and demanding a DNA test to ascertain the paternity of his children.

Gyan kept the relationship with the woman who would later become his wife in the closet for five years, before they were finally wed in 2013. And now, even before his divorce, the cover of the star’s alleged closet relationship with the beautiful, Nina Atala, former wife of the incarcerated Buju Banton has been blown.

Fast forward to Adebayor……

Remember when Adebayor called out the Namibian former Big Brother Africa winner, Dillish Matthews, under her Instagram post when Dillish claimed she was in a relationship with the Togo star in 2017?

Yep. We should have believed Dillish then. Because now the Namibian beaut has finally confirmed Adebayor and her are an item, and have indeed been so (secretly) for five years. Five freaking years!

…….So yesterday (6th November, 2018) Dillish Matthews shared a photo of herself and “darling boyfriend”, Adebayor on Instagram to celebrate their 1 year anniversary but surprisingly responded in a comment to state they’ve actually been secretly having an affair for five years.

We may never know why Gyan and Sheyi Adebayor keep their relationships secret for so long, but what we do know is that history will remember them as good PLAYERS…….Yes, very good PLAYERS… On the football pitch !!


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