The Dogg


Government Name: Martin Morocky

Date of Birth: 31 March, 1983

Nationality: Namibian

The Dogg, is a Namibian Kwaito artist born in Maheba; Zambia and the youngest child of four siblings. In 1997, he moved to Windhoek City; Namibia from Zambia to attend his secondary education at Augustineum Secondary School in Khomasdal. After graduating from high school, he chose to study for a Science degree at the University of Namibia. He left the university after one academic year to pursue a career in music.

He rose to fame following the release of his hit single “Jesus Otati”, a Kwaito-gospel song released in 2003. “Jesus Otati” (meaning “Jesus is saying”) was very popular and earned him comparison to South African kwaito star Mandoza due to the roughness in his voice. His voice was also compared to American rapper DMX, who is also known as The Dog, from which Morocky possibly got his stage name. The success of “Jesus Otati” propelled The Dogg to win the award for Artist of the Year and Best Kwaito song at the 2003 Sanlam-NBC Music Awards. He then in 2003 founded Mshasho Productions, which gained popularity in 2004 after his second album.

While struggling to compile his album, The Dogg met and befriended (then) an upcoming artist Gazza, who had just returned to Namibia from studies in South Africa. The two started recording together and with the help of Elvo they recorded “Ghetto Life”, a song by Gazza. This song’s credits would later bring tension between the two artists. The two later signed solo recording contracts with a kwaito label, RC-Ghetto Records. The Dogg immediately started working on his debut album, releasing the critical acclaimed hit “Perfecto Tromentos” later that year. Around the same time, The Dogg was featured by Gazza on his hit “Shidolodolo”, which went on to be very popular and won an award for Best Collaboration at the 2004 Sanlam-NBC Music Awards.

He released his debut album Shimaliw’ Osatana in February 2004 under RC-Ghetto. It became the first full-length kwaito album in his country and won the award for Best Selling album at the 2004 Sanlam-NBC Music Awards

Later that year in December, He released his second studio album, Take Out Yo Gun which was released on his label Mshasho Productions. The lead single from the album, “The Dogg Is Back”, won awards for Best Kwaito song and Best Video at the 2005 Sanlam-NBC Music Awards. The Dogg would later win the Artist of the Year award for the third time in three years at the 2005 Sanlam-NBC Music Awards. The Artist of the Year award raised eyebrows by other artist, who started discriminating against Sanlam-NBC’s awarding system. This situation would later bring bad blood between The Dogg and music partner Gazza, whom critics claimed was robbed the award.

In May 2006 The Dogg released his third album, Introducing TeeDee. The first single, “Baby Don’t Go”, won two awards at the 2006 Sanlam-NBC Music Awards, for Best Collaboration and Best Afro-pop. It also won two awards at the 2006 Namibian Music Awards for Best Collaboration and Best Single. The Dogg also won the award for Best Hip Hop Song in 2006 at the Sanlam-NBC Music Awards. In 2007 it was nominated and won the award for Best New Comer at the Channel-O Spirit of Africa Video Awards.

In 2007 he released “Can You Feel It” (off his You Can’t Ignore album ) featuring Mshasho artist Tre Van Die Kasie. The song became a popular hit across Namibia’s borders, winning an award at the 2008 Channel O Music Video Awards for the category Best Kwatito Video. It also won Song of the Year and Best Single at the 2007 Sanlam-NBC Music Awards. The album became very successful, winning The Dogg his fourth award for Artist of the Year at the same ceremony in 2007. The Dogg has won this award four times in five years. Another popular song was “Get Sum More”, featuring the most anticipated rapper at the time Qonja. The song was a very popular club hit. It won an award for Best Collaboration 2008 Namibian Music Awards. Another popular song “My Girl” also won Best Single at the same awards. The success of the album made it possible for The Dogg to win the People’s Choice Award at the same awards. The video for “Hands Up” was nominated by Channeol O Music Video Awards in 2009 in the category Best Kwaito Video and lost to Gazza’s “Passop”.


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