#VIDEO: Kenya Fans Almost Rob US Rapper Desiigner In Nairobi

Rapper Desiigner with no sneakers and his right sock off after the attempt. Hahahahahahahahaha

21-year old American star Desiigner had to briefly pause his performance midway during the Jameson Connects concert last weekend at the Water Front Mall, Karen.

Why? He had an important plea to make.

The star had initially ordered a member of his security team to recover a sneaker that was pulled off his right foot while being carried shoulder high forcing him to continue his performance with a sneaker on his left leg and only his socks on the right.

But the star did not seem too enthused when another fan attempted to strip off his expensive wrist piece, apparently an 8-carat Hublot worth a whopping $250,000.

The singer had been on stage for less than 30 minutes at that point but was left unimpressed by uncultured attempts to strip him off his wears, prompting him to yell

“This is not cool at all ya’ll, I came all the way from America to sing for you and someone out here is trying to take what he didn’t work for. That is not how we do things,”

Maybe with a name like Desiigner, the thieving fans could be forgiven for reasoning that a fairly expensive Jameson Concert ticket entitled them to everything brought to the stage from his wardrobe.


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